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Sedaspam Pediátrico

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Pediatric Sedaspam is a musculotropic, based on Otilonio Bromide; which acts directly on the intestinal muscular contraction. It cancels the spasm, making the pain disappear and restoring the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Pediatric Sedaspam selectively inhibits calcium channels in the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, reduces hypermobility without altering physiological peristalsis. Because its absorption is very poor (3-5%), no side effects are observed.

Pharmacologically, Otilonium Bromide, bromide salt of a quaternary amine, is muscle relaxant, selective antispasmodic, without the side effects of anticholinergic drugs, nor the systemic effects of calcium agonists.


Sedaspam Pediatric is indicated in:

Recurrent abdominal pain (DAR), spastic states and functional dyskinesias of the gastroenteric apparatus (irritable colon, gastritis and gastroduodenitis, enteritis, esophageal conditions), habitual vomiting of the child, pylorospasm, diarrheal enteropathy, spasmodic constipation.

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Hypersensitivity to the active substance, intestinal obstruction and paralytic ileus.

Side effects

They have not been described with the indicated dose of Sedaspam Pediatric 10 mg.

Drug interactions

There may be interaction with anticholinergics, antidepressants, and prokinetics (Metoclopramide, Cisapride).


Pediatric Sedaspam should be administered with special caution in case of any kidney, liver or tachycardia alteration.


Sale by prescription. Keep out of reach of children.

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Each coated tablet contains:

Otilonium Bromide    10 mg

C.S.P. excipients

Posology and administration


Children from 4 years can administer from 1/2 to 3 10 mg daily coated tablets (5 to 30 mg) orally, always depending on the clinic presented and at the discretion of the doctor.


Box containing 1 blister with 10 coated tablets of 10 mg each.

Storage Recommendations

Store below 30 °C. Protect from moisture.


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