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Triple sulfamide

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Pharmacological properties

Sulfaplex is a topical bactericide for vaginal application, containing a balanced combination of sulfa drugs that offer several important advantages:

  • Wider range of activity.
  • Minimum sensitivity or allergic reaction for the patient.
  • Greater power of action.
  • Greater miscibility with organic fluids.
  • Lower risk of systemic toxicity or local irritation.
  • Greater dispersion at the site of action.

Sulfaplex has an acidic pH (4-5), which adapts to the normal pH range (3.5-8) of vaginal fluids, ensuring greater bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity of sulfa drugs.


Treatment of nonspecific vaginitis and cervicitis. Post-operative therapy of the vagina and cervix. In cervical cauterizations to accelerate healing and prevent bacterial infection.

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Posology and mode of use


Sulfaplex Cream:

Screw the applicator to the mouth of the tube; place it vertically with the cannula up and press until the plunger rises to its maximum. Disconnect the tube and apply the full applicator (5g) intravaginally, twice a day for 6 to 10 days. You can then cut the dose in half, if necessary.

Sulfaplex Vaginal Ovules:

Apply an ovule intravaginally twice a day on rising and at bedtime for 5 to 10 days or as directed by your doctor.

Drug Interactions

Other vaginal products may alter the action of Sulfaplex, but there have been no reports of interactions with specific medications. The patient should inform her doctor about any other vaginal product that she is using.

Side effects


Burning sensation at the application site, itching, redness, skin rashes and swelling. These possible effects may disappear during treatment. However, if they continue or if they are very bothersome, discontinue the medication.

Cautions and Warnings

Do not use Sulfaplex if there is a history of allergy to sulfa drugs. Sulfa drugs are excreted in breast milk, however, no problems have been documented in the newborn. The use of non-medicated tampons is not recommended as it can absorb the medicine. Wear cotton underwear. Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth.


Sulfaplex is contraindicated in allergies or sensitivity to sulfa.


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Sulfaplex Vaginal Cream

Each 5 g contain:

Sulfacetamide 125 mg

Sulfadiazine 125 mg

Sulfametacin 125 mg

Water soluble greases C.S.

Sulfaplex Vaginal Ovules

Each ovule contains:

Sulfacetamide 60 mg

Sulfadiazine 70 mg

Sulfametacin 70 mg

C.S. excipients

Administration route



Box containing a tube of cream x 60g with 4 applicators with a capacity of 5g each.

Box containing 10 ovules.

Storage recommendations

Sulfaplex Cream: Store at cool temperature (below 30 °C).

Sulfaplex Ovules: Store at a temperature of 15 °C to 30 °C.


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